​New form Createx Colors in 2017:

​New form Createx Colors in 2017:

<h2>New color in Wicked Colors series – W076 Detail Universal Fleshtone</h2>

2 new lines in Createx Illustration Colors series: Illustration Opaque Colors and Illustration Lifeline

AutoBorne black and white sealers now available in 2oz bottle.

<h2>New AutoBorne 6000 Transparent Base Sealer</h2> available in 4oz8oz and 16oz bottles.

Auto-Air Stencils now available for purchase from SprayGunner!

New paint set, includes wicked, illustration and candy2o colors, called Createx Colors 4959-A Cory St. Clair Signature Airbrush Set

New Metallic colors in Auto-Air series

4500 series Hi-Lite Interference and Sparklescent colors now available at SprayGunner!

Mar 25th 2017

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