Latest news for March 2022: As you may or may not have heard, we have a very special new line up of beautiful colors coming to our shelves starting March 1st. You heard that right folks, we will be getting 17 brand new colors and 60 4oz bottles of existing colors from Createx. This is going to be one of our biggest drops of the year so far, so make sure you’re there to grab your bottles before they’re gone!

If you’re new to the spray gunning community and you’re not quite sure who Createx is, we’ve got you covered! Createx has been doing business since 1978, releasing a multitude of paints and other airbrushing supplies. They were founded by Vine and Wendy Kennedy, who were a chemist as well as an art teacher. Their name comes from the terms create and textile as that is what they began working on when their paints launched in the 1990’s.

Createx is a band that has worked very hard to go above and beyond everyone’s expectations, they’re certainly professionals in the industry. They have successfully utilized modern water-soluble urethan and acrylic resins together with lightfast pigments. Their paints are extremely long lasting and durable so they will always stay looking fresh. Take these pieces from Marcus Eisenhuth for example, who also collaborated with Createx on this project and came up with a couple of colors. 

Our new colors consist of 49 illustration colors and 30 wicked colors for all your artisticneeds. When working with wicked colors, you want to make sure that you thin your pain with 4011 reducers for increased transparency and flow with the smallest airbrush tip-sizes. Their illustration paints are ultra-refined, water-based airbrush paint for superior detail and refined atomization. Made with lightfast pigments and an acrylic resin. Illustration colors should be cleaned after paint has thoroughly dried. This is best done 72 hours after application using a solvent-based degreaser or odorless mineral spirits.

Much like the illustration colors, we also recommend only thinning Wicked colors with 4011 reducer as well. However, we only recommend mixing with amounts of paint that will be sprayed within a 24-hour time window, as to not waste any. Mixing Wicked colors with 4030 Balancing Clear or 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear does not promote loos of water-content when mixed, it’s only when 4011 Reducer or other reducers are added that shelf-life is shortened. Wicked colors should only be cleaned after the paint has thoroughly dried, this usually takes about 48 hours. Much like the Illustration line, you will use a solvent-based degreaser or odorless mineral spirits.

SprayGunner is happy to be approaching the 7-year mark for our partnership with Createx, we’ve had nothing but positive improvements through the year and we can confidently say that we will continue working with them for as long as we possibly can. We are happy to bring you guys this news as it means expansion of ours and your arsenals. We can’t wait to see what you do with these new colors. Use in a well-ventilated area. Avoid contact with eyes. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after use. Do not ingest. When spraying or standing, use properly fitting NIOSH approved respirator per the manufacturer’s instructions. Eye contact: Rinse with clean water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention immediately. 

Mar 04, 2022 SprayGunner

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