Mr Hobby Brushes Blowing Up!!

Mr Hobby Brushes Blowing Up!!

Alright, calm down… it was a figure of speech, no airbrushes actually exploding here…your hands are safe

BUT lately, we have been getting more and more questions about the Mr Hobby GSI Creos line of airbrushes- and rightfully so! This Japanese manufacturer is taking the US market by storm after dominating the Japanese market over the last few years as a leader in hobby painting. As these airbrushes increase in popularity, we encourage you to look into the GSI brand before you purchase your next airbrush- the quality you get for the price is un-matched!

Don’t take our word for it- look at the numbers! Offering airbrushes anywhere from $65 to $200, there is a brush for every price point. But don’t jump to conclusions, this is not a cheap brand… All of the GSI Creos airbrushes we stock have gotten nothing but 5-star product reviews and continue to gain praise from happy customers sending us messages to inform us how much they are enjoying the purchase.

GSI Creos’ jewel airbrush, the PS-770 Custom 0.18mm, is one of particular interest. This airbrush is a direct competitor to the most expensive airbrushes in the market currently, and here’s why:

  • High-quality build and assembly
    • Light and strong metals used in the body
    • Features a PFFE seal at the needle packing, built to last and endure all kinds of paints
    • Longer body, good for larger hands and better balance distribution
    • Ergonomic design for grip and handling
  • Features
    • MAC valve feature
      • This valve allows you to dial in the air pressure exiting the airbrush, which offers you the ability to fine tune your air flow one more time for flawless detail workPS-770 MAC Valve
    • Light weight
      • Part of the body is cut out at the back of the airbrush, reducing weight
    • Lid cap
      • Many expensive airbrushes do not come with or even offer lids for paint cups so this is always a nice feature
    • Identical spray patterns to leading airbrushes
      • We will be showing a side-by-side of the same images airbrushed with different brands – you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference
    • Needle adjustment is easy and also identical to other leading airbrushes
      • Adjustments are tweaked at the rear end of the brush by screwing needle in/out depending on the desired travel distance of the trigger

    • Given all the features this airbrush offers, it really is difficult to justify spending close to two times as much for a brush that may have one or two additional features…

Probably the most interesting observation in the past two months is the fact that we have SOLD OUT of the PS-770 Mr Airbrush Custom 0.18mm… We’re not the only ones to sell out of this airbrush however, the Mr Hobby team back in Japan is on BACK ORDER for this brush as popularity has skyrocketed all over the place. Already at a low price point, we have been selling this brush for a mere $210 (by far the lowest price on the market).

As a result of this back-order wait, we have decided to open pre-orders on the PS-770 model for yet another discounted price…If you are thinking about trying out one of these airbrushes, you have a unique chance to snag it at the lowest it will ever  be offered - $180.00 (includes free shipping)! We will be accepting pre-orders through the month of September- so do some research, ask around and reserve your spot while they last!

Aug 16th 2018 SprayGunner

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