​IPMS experience 2021

​IPMS experience 2021

This year we stopped at a few different IPMS events, including of course the biggest of them  – IPMS NATIONALS 2021 in Las Vegas. Wow was this event so exciting, and we are so glad that we got to meet all those existing customers along side all the new to SprayGunner customers that we made there!

For this event we had a blast doing demos with our special guest Jordan Neidert. With this being so far away from our office we still managed to have a 7-person team, and at times that felt like it was not enough. The turnout was great despite the challenging year everyone has had. We did have a big layout here with 14 tables and a wide variety of air brushes and paints. The diversity that we brought was a nice touch for this show, and we did not hold back at all!

Of course, as expected our NO-NAME Cordless Airbrushes were the biggest hit with just about every person having one in their hands at the end of the event. Both models of our cordless compressors are always the biggest hit, whether it’s the NN-CA-20 that hooks up to any air brush with a standard connection or a 1/8” adapter, or the White/Black cordless all in one NN-CA03 & NN-CA04. Not to mention our orange SprayGunner fashionista style tote bags, another must have. Always be on the lookout at these events for new custom SprayGunner Merch gear. They will be collectibles one day!

Another big hit was the AMMO by Mig Jimenez. These paint sets are already planned with the customer in mind. No more having to go through the individual paints for color matching on that WWII tank that you wanted to replicate. They solved one of the biggest issues with wanted to paint a new Armor Model. Forget the days of color chasing, we are in the future. This product being big in the EU and now as we bring it to shows and watch everyone’s eyes light up as they see these paints are already matched into easy to grab sets is something we enjoy. AMMO also has fantastic literature that breaks down exactly how to paint specific models, so if you are looking for an all in one color match set and book that gives you step by steps of how to make it look exactly the way it is suppose to, we have it! Our AMMO supply is impressive, and if you have not checked out these products take a moment to look on our site for the extensive selection.

We try to do a lot in terms of providing products that the IPMS and Armor community will use and love. Carrying a whole arsenal of paints for any project is our SprayGunner goal. It does not matter what you plan on painting if it is a small 1 inch by 1 inch model, all the way up to a giant new aircraft you have been building. We take every intention that paint could be used for and find a way to supply you the right tools for all these projects.

This was a great welcome for our SprayGunner Team, and we thank each and every one of our customers for providing us with a great show, including the awesome IPMS team for organizing a great event! This was our last stop on the way to the West Coast and if you happen to be working on any cool projects feel free to message us at meet, maybe we can stop by!

We have quite a bit planned for the last part of the year- even a few more IPMS shows on both the West Coast and the East Coast. If you missed us at the IPMS Nationals don’t worry, we will be on the West Coast for couple more months! 

Oct 11, 2021 SprayGunner

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