Harder & Steenbeck Infinity Airbrush buying guide

Harder & Steenbeck Infinity Airbrush buying guide

Harder and Steenbeck Infinity is one of the best-selling airbrushes on the market. However, there are several different models in this legendary series of airbrush and people often get confused between the different versions. SprayGunner’s team created this guide to help you understand the difference and pick which Infinity Airbrush is right for you!

It all began with the standard Infinity airbrush, or Infinity solo MPN 126533. It comes with a 0.15mm nozzle and 2ml paint cup (lid for the cup sold separately). It used to have rubber seals, but that changed a few years ago so now all Harder and Steenbeck Infinity airbrushes come with PTFE seals for needle packing, nozzle, upper air valve and paint cup. Wherever paint can travel in an airbrush, it is met with these PTFE seals- which are solvent proof, meaning all Infinity airbrushes are ready for any kind of airbrush paints (including lacquers and automotive grade solvents).

There is a 2in1 version of the standard Infinity as well. The MPN 126543 comes with 0.15 and 0.4mm nozzle sets, 2 and 5ml paint cups (lids sold separately). This two in one version also comes with a distance cap included.

The Gravity feed Infinity CR Plus came out as a solvent resistant version of the legendary Infinity airbrush- but as we mentioned before, all the seals are the same among all Infinity airbrushes now so even the least expensive Infinity airbrush can handle aggressive solvent paints. The Infinity CR Plus airbrush is covered in chrome which gives it a brighter look and more durable protective coat on the body and parts. It also includes lids for each cup, no matter if it’s a solo version or 2in1.

Here are all the actual models included in the Infinity series:

Infinity CR Plus 126554 0.15 mm nozzle, 2ml paint cup with lid

Infinity CR Plus 126564 0.2mm nozzle, 2ml paint cup with lid

Infinity CR Plus 126574 0.4mm nozzle, 5ml pain cup with lid

Infinity CR Plus 126544 2in1 0.15 + 0.4mm nozzle sets, 2 + 5ml paint cups with lids

Infinity CR Plus 126594 #2 2in1 0.2 + 0.4mm nozzle sets, 2 + 5ml paint cups with lids

There is a suction feed version of the Harder & Steenbeck Infinity airbrush called the Infinity X Meinrad M.Froschin Edition. It is identical to the Infinity CR Plus except for the placement of the paint cup, which is located underneath the airbrush body in this case. Suction feed airbrushes have a little less control compared to the gravity feed models because it must pull the paint from the bottom versus the free flow of a gravity feed. Something to consider however is that the suction feed has a great advantage when it comes to changing colors in the middle of a project. There are bottle adapters that can be bought at a low cost, so you can have as many as you need and have all the colors you need prepared and bottled along with cleaner and other additives. All you would need to do is simply connect an adapter bottle and after you are finished with it- remove the bottle, connect a clean adapter, spray it a few times and use the next color. This will save you a tremendous amount of time and the headache of cleaning paint cups between color changes, especially if you are doing professional work and want to be as quick as possible.

As a special gift- if you purchase this airbrush with SprayGunner, we include a set of 2 bottle adapters (1oz and 2oz) for you to get started!

Today, the newest addition to Harder and Steenbeck Infinity family is an aluminum version called Chameleon. It’s the same as Infinity CR Plus but in an aluminum body with an anodized coat. Weighing 30% less than a standard Infinity, this weight difference is appreciated by someone working long hours with an airbrush.

There are 2 colors available, and each comes as a solo or two in one version. Here they are:

Harder & Steenbeck Chameleon #1 133016 0.2mm nozzle, 2ml paint cup with lid

Harder & Steenbeck Chameleon #1 133016-2 2in1 0.2+0.4mm nozzle sets, 2 + 5ml paint cups with lids

Harder & Steenbeck Chameleon #2 133017 0.2mm nozzle, 2ml paint cup with lid

Harder & Steenbeck Chameleon #2 133017-2 2in1 0.2+0.4mm nozzle sets, 2+5ml paint cups with lids

No matter which airbrush you choose – they are all made in Germany by Harder and Steenbeck, meet the highest quality standards and utilize world-class engineering solutions. 

Jul 6th 2018 SprayGunner

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