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Exploring glue/cement for scale modeling

Exploring glue/cement for scale modeling

When it comes to glues and cement for scale modeling, 3D printing, or plastic/resin prop making - AMMO by Mig offers a wide range of products to choose from for a perfect application. Extra thin for smallest parts and connections, thicker stuff for your larger connections, magic dust and putty for cracks and/or large fillings. 

This video is just a quick beginner's guide to choosing the right combination of AMMO cement, glues, and putty for your project. Soon we will release more in-depth videos on each product in these series, showing application, dry times, sanding, and painting over.

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Here is the list of materials shown in this video: 

AMIG8046 - Instant Dry Cyanoacrylate - AMIG8013 - Slow Dry Cyanoacrylate - AMIG8047 - Magic Dust - AMIG8037 - Activator - AMIG2031 - Ultra Glue - for Etch, Clear Parts - AMIG8036 - Debonder - AMIG2025 - Extra Thin Cement - AMIG2038 - Medium Density Cement. Slow Dry - AMIG2012 - Sand & Gravel Glue - AMIG2040 - Arming Putty Classic - AMIG2039 - Arming Putty Acrylic Type - AMIG2019 - Enamel Odourless Thinner -

If you still have question about these, or any other products sold by SprayGunner, feel free to reach out to us! Our Team has some experienced builders and painters from different niches of the hobby/profession. 

Thank you for choosing SprayGunner! 

Aug 16, 2022 SprayGunner

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