Environmental Effects and Realism in Scale Modeling

Environmental Effects and Realism in Scale Modeling

Tsar of Environmental Effects and Realism in Scale Modeling

In bringing to life environmental effects, having access to the suitable material might be the difference between getting things done on schedule or spending more time on a model than is planned. 

Scale modeling is no different since, in that world, accuracy is critical. It doesn't need a trained eye for one to spot some differences between a good-scaled project and one that's done poorly.

For scale modelers the world over, nothing comes close to perfection as kits from AMMO by MIG Jimenez

With an emphasis on bringing out the best realism that can be mastered, Environmental-effects by MIG-Jimenez put a premium on top-notch quality.

What is Environmental Realism?

From a model design perspective, environmental pragmatism is going as close as possible to bring out real-life effects on models. Environmental-realism in models can easily be thought of as making a real-world out of a model set by minimizing the levels of difference between the real world and a set.

What is Scale Modeling?

Scale-modeling is the creation of a 3D representation of a real-life object. A scale is essential in ensuring that things do not look distorted or out of place anywhere on the model set.

This consistency in the way objects look about one another is essential in ensuring that a set looks as one and not different objects merely forced to fit together.

When creating a scene, having a scale that's as accurate as possible helps to bring to life the design vision. Scale is essential in a set, from relatively minute objects like a shell casing to model battleships being brought to life.

Who is Mig Jimenez in the World of Environmental Effects and Scale Modeling?

From Scale-Modeling hobbyists to realistic set creation enthusiasts, Mig-Jimenez can be regarded as the best thing to have ever happened.

With his genius modeling techniques and wealth of experience in the field, Mig-Jimenez is simply the world's most incredible modeling effects and weathering product design and production. Mig's growth in environmental-effects and realism in Scale-Modeling started when he founded his first company, Mig-Jimenez Productions.

Mig-Jimenez Productions is known for producing various products from scale model kits to customization accessories like paints and brushes. The model kits from Mig-Jimenez productions pay extra attention to detail, with accurate scaling even for the minor components. 

The Mig-Jimenez Productions product catalog includes real-life-looking vegetation and scenic earth materials like ballast and woodland vegetation.

A popular product release from Mig Productions is the Just MUD modeling décor. A release is a handy tool for making realistic mud sceneries and soil landscapes in scale models and dioramas. The Just MUD release consists of a formulation of mud and soil with different textures, representing real-life samples from all over the globe.

On top of this, the water effects are some of the best on the market. The waters start off opaque, but will cure clear with a slight white or blue tint depending on the color you choose. This allows for you to create natural looking rivers, lakes, and even deep oceans for dioramas. 

AMMO by MIG Jimenez

AMMO of Jimenez is probably one of the most sought-after companies in environmental effects and practicality in Scale-Modeling. Because the company is a brainchild of the scale-modeling genius that is Jimenez, AMMO is known for leaving nothing to chance to create accurate models.

With AMMO, Jimenez has set the bar high by creating a company that brings ideas and concepts to life using accurate life-like solutions. Like most other things in life, how good one is in the scale-modeling field depends on how long one has been practicing the craft.

What sets AMMO by Mig apart from other players in the field is the wealth of experience AMMO has in producing Environmental-effects and practicality in scale-modeling. The foundation on which AMMO by Mig Jimenez is set is that of years of hard work and dedication in producing materials that are acknowledged all over the world to give the best quality of work. 

These paints are traditional water bases acrylics, but they act like a lacquer paint. The paints and primers spray incredibly smooth and level themselves out akin to Mr. Surfacer, allowing you to quickly lay down your primer and go to town painting. From the works of the companies previously founded by Mig Jimenez, AMMO delivers products that are improvements of world-class quality jobs in the previous years. 

Compared to the other companies established by Mig Jimenez, the processes and products used in AMMO's productions are optimized versions of the earlier products and processes.

AMMO has various products ranging from complete setups to materials like paints and mud samples that can help bring to life any scene or model. The weathering materials in AMMO's product catalog are known worldwide for bringing a sense of practicality to sets and models that can be compared to no other product.

AMMO by Mig-Jimenez is a one-stop-shop for all your needs, from realistic weathering setups to scale models that are designed to be as accurate as can be. With AMMO, you don't have to go through several stores looking for a precise version of the model or product you want. At AMMO, you'll get a chance to bring your ideas to life without the hassle of getting less than what you asked for. is proud to present you the whole catalog of AMMO by Mig products, now available in USA and shipped from our Florida warehouse.

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