Creation of 3D Vinny (Createx Colors mascot)

Creation of 3D Vinny (Createx Colors mascot)

We recently had the pleasure of 3D modeling, printing, and painting the beloved Createx Colors mascot, Vinny! This model was presented at the MonsterPalooza 2022 convention. We had such a great time creating and showcasing this model and wanted to make a highlight video to show everyone the creative process involved.

 The first step in this process was the 3D modeling, using Createx Vinny sticker as a reference. 

Step two -  printing, done by the SprayGunner team at our facility. This high-resolution resin print took around 22 hours to complete and then was immediately dipped in an isopropyl alcohol solution to help clean the resin without damaging the model. Once that was done, we got right to sanding. While the print itself took 22 hours, the sanding is one of the most labor-intensive steps, as it requires a lot of focus and agility. This is where the shape starts coming to life as it gets rid of any flaws on the print and allows our model to gain a more life-like appearance. After sanding, the painting process begins! 

We used GSI Creos PS-289 airbrush, and decided to give the model deep red look by using Createx candy2o red over pearlescent yellow background. Of course, started with a  primer to give it a base then went to work with the shading around the mouth. Once we were done with the shading, we painted the bright red lips and placed putty over the whole mouth to protect it from the next process. 

To achieve the perfect Vinny red, we placed down a yellow base and followed up by spraying Createx candy2o Blood Red all over the model. Protected it with a clear coat before moving to the next step.

To give Vinny more depth, we then went in and did some additional black shading around any creases in the model, then finished his look off by giving him his signature ‘Createx’ sash! 

Used new ChromaAir metallic Aluminum CA-200 for letters. Finally, we placed our NO-NAME 2K clear as a top coat on the model to help seal everything in. All in all, this was a fun project to complete, and we were honored to surprise some of the team at Createx with this. We are hoping to do more with Vinny in the future so keep an eye out! 

Nestor Espinoza is the artist that painted this beautiful piece, and it took him about two full days from start to finish.

Jun 12, 2022 SprayGunner

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