Black Templar Warhammer 40k painted with ChromaAir

Black Templar Warhammer 40k painted with ChromaAir


Before we get started, make sure you've cleaned up the model the best you can. Sand down the nub marks and mold lines as much as you can.

We've added some 3mm jewelry chains to the base of the power sword, wrapped them around figure's right arm, and secured them with Ammo Instant-dry cement. 


Now we're going to prime the mini in Ammo Titan primer. We're using white as despite the Black Templar only having white shoulders, its actually easier to paint the armor black rather than prime the whole model black.

We used two coats of primer to make sure the model has a nice consistency to the white as to avoid any miss-coloration. Then we airbrushed ChromaAir CA001 Cold White on the shoulders, so in case there's any black that goes over (which there will be) we can bring it back and match the white correctly. 

[Base coating]

Using a size 5/0 brush, apply 3-4 layers of ChromaAir CA031 Black everywhere on the model except for the inner area of the shoulder pads. If you make a mistake, don't worry, save the cleanup for the end, there will be plenty of small blemishes on the white we'll have to fix anyways. Next, mix CA029 Dijon Yellow with CA027 Brown Ochre at 2:1 and apply it to the tabards/cloth.

Next, use that same mixture, but at a 3:1 ratio and apply it to the purity seals. We're then going to use CA004 Rock Lobster Red and apply it to the wax on the purity seals Next, use CA027 Brown Ochre and apply it to the belt and pouches. Finally, use CA023 Complicated Blue to base coat the Power Sword.

[Washes and metallic]

Now lets add some metallic and washes. Using AMMO Mig-0198 Gold for the Storm Shield, Iron Halo, charm, and sword hilt. Then use Mig-0045 Gun Metal for the chains, bolt pistol, belt buckle, and exterior of the storm shield. Then mix CA017 "Rust it is" transparent with Reducer at a 1:6 mix to create a wash. Apply this wash over the metals and cloth. 

[Basing and edge highlighting]

Now it's time for basing. Use any texture paint of your choice, but I'll be using Ammo-2109 Vietnam Ground Texture. Keep the texture off the base as much as possible. Once dry, use ChromaAir CA031 to paint the rim of the base.

For edge highlights, use a size 00 paint brush with a fine sharp point.

Use a 3:1 mix of CA025 "Grey Grey" and CA031 black for the black armor, power pack, and storm shield. Use CA027 Brown Ochre to highlight the leather. Then use Ammo-0045 Gunmetal to highlight the dark metallics and Ammo-195 Silver for the gold areas.

We hope it helps! Get your supplies at and paint something today! 

Oct 15, 2021 SprayGunner

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