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Attention international customers!

Attention international customers!

SprayGunner has a wide customer base located all around the Globe. 

We're happy to serve painters and artist from so many different countries! Your business is important for us, and we want you to experience similar speed and quality of service as our local USA customers do. With that in mind, we partnered up with DHL and launched new Global add-on on our website which allows international buyers to shop in their local currency and in most cases have all the customs fees already in the item price!

Please carefully read the pop-up you see when you first open our website. It will recognize your location and tell you if custom fees are included in the prices you see. In some cases, they will be calculated at the checkout page.

All shipping rates should be significantly better now, and we hope you like this new experience!

If fo some reason you don't like it and would like to order from SprayGunner USA as you did previously - you can still do it. Just click the flag icon in the top left corner of our website and select "Change your shipping country" to "United States" and currency to "US Dollars". This will take you to our standard US website with all the standard pricing with no customs fees in them. You can check out and enter your address as you normally do, we still ship almost to every corner of the World.

We appreciate your business! Please reach out to our Customer Service if you have any questions or have feedback for us. 

Sep 03, 2022 SprayGunner

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