Air brush to go - cordless technology

Air brush to go - cordless technology

Never before we had such and affordable and portable air brush kit!

Technology our days offer some phenomenal solutions and world of art and air brushing definitely got it's portion with cordless technology! Compressor use to be heavy and required 110V power to run it. Well, not anymore. Today we can offer 2 different models of rechargeable battery powered compressors. They both capable of delivering enough air pressure to support air brush with up to .3mm nozzle. They both will run 45 minutes constantly and what's important, they both have auto-off function. Meaning that electric motor running only while air brush is in use trigger pressed and air flow running. That gives around 1.5-2 hours of painting time. If the battery runs out, that's not an issue at all! 

That little device acts exactly as your phone - it can be plugged in to USB, charge and keep working at the same time. 

All those features combined making a huge impact and change the portable paint spraying industry. It's small, light, inexpensive, easy to work with, and most importantly - allows you to keep painting no matter where you are: up on the ladder for mural artist, quiet in your garage building models, fixing few dents on the project site, or traveling around the world and bringing your hobby/profession with you. 

So what's the difference between the 2 most popular models we currently offer? 

It offers air brush and compressor kit. No air hose, just direct connection between 2 components. It comes in a very compact box and extremely easy to carry around. The downside of this model is the limitation of the air brush. It's not designed to be changed to a different model so you're stuck with .3mm made in China entry level tool. It's not bad quality actually, and pretty capable on a multiple different fields of use, but it has one big weak spot - rubber seals. We recommend it only for water-based paints. If you use lacquer or solvents, those mediums will quickly dissolve these seals. First one, originally introduced in 2019 and upgraded in 2020 is model NN-CA03 or NN-CA04 (different colors). 

That's exactly why we introduced NN-CA20. It's newest addition of 2021 and has all the upgraded technology. A bit more powerful (more air output) and now it allows to use almost any airbrush with it. 

Most common combination is NN-CA20 compressor with GSI Creos PS-289 air brush. GSI Creos are made in Japan and all the paint section seals made of PTFE, allowing them to work with any type of paints. But that's just one of the trends, you can choose whatever you like - GREX, Badger (with adapter), Iwata, or some budget NO-NAME air brush. 

This model, NN-CA20 is a compressor only (airbrush not included in a standard listing but we have some sets). It offers more flexibility: cordless compressor can be connected either directly to an air brush (standard 1/8" connector) or with short air hose (included in the package). Using air hose give you more familiar feel of the air brush (no additional weight attached) but please remember that the hose always eats some of the air pressure so if you're looking for a maximum performance, direct connection is recommended.  

During IPMS show we've recorded a short video showing the difference between 2 portable air brush options:

Full-size compressor still recommended to have, it's a must have for bigger airbrushes and large projects. Cordless air brush is more affordable way to start a new hobby/profession. We sell out on every show we go and in 2021 we visited a lot of deferent venues. So many markets for this product. It's in high demand among scale modelers, leather craft painters, barbers, and make-up artists. Well received in the aviation market for in-field repairs. Some of the most amazing cakes created using one of our NO-NAME cordless air brushes. Fine art is on board, few of the famous artists made awesome reviews about this product. It also inspired our starter box set with Createx Colors - the easiest and most cost-efficient way to get into air brush industry:

Price tag on this set, as well as the battery powered air brush itself is super attractive. That's because we want to expand the industry with that. It's truly amazing product and the quality is there. SprayGunner offers flawless customer support with all the products we sell and our NO-NAME compressors come with warranty so you can enjoy painting and don't worry about technical issues. Need help with one of our products? Just reach out! We now operate 7 days a week except for some National Holidays. Our office and warehouse located in Tampa, Florida, where we also do testing of all our products and quality control for overseas devices. Thank you for your support! 

Sep 06, 2020 SprayGunner Air Brush

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