Black Friday - What's Going On?!

Black Friday - What's Going On?!

Ahh, remember the good old days when Black Friday used to be the day after Thanksgiving when everyone stormed the malls and fought each other for deals?! Now it's a 5-day promotional bonanza where deals are literally getting thrown at you! Well- we've got good news and deals to throw at ya, so get ready to catch!

In this post we're going to give you a little cheat sheet to the Black Friday specials we'll be running, so you know what to expect! Now, we're not going to reveal the deal but we will tell you what to keep your eyes peeled for in case it's been on your list!


These bad boys are new arrivals at SprayGunner but boy are they flying off the shelves! We figured what better way to introduce them to our site than by including them on the Black Friday sale! Expect to get some nice savings on all Grex airbrushes this weekend, if you wanted to try something a little new and maybe more comfortable- here's your chance!

Createx Paints

Oh man. Now this, we're excited about.. Let's be honest, we all buy just a few paints here and there to get us by throughout the year, but we're really just waiting for the holidays to get the big deals! Well here they are, if you love using Createx- Christmas came early! Expect HUGE savings on ALL brands of Createx paints- you name it, it's going to be discounted! Don't tell anyone you heard it here, but I would get ready for jaw dropping savings if you're planning to go big on Wicked Colors ;)

Harder and Steenbeck

First stop- Our German delights! Expect some awesome deals on H&S brushes this weekend- specifically the Ultra's and the Infinity CR Plus'. No, really- get ready for AWESOME bundles with these brushes... if you were on the fence about going with Harder & Steenbeck or another brand, we will settle the debate for you this Black Friday. 

Sharpen Air

Ah, last but not least- our pride and joy! If you still haven't grabbed a needle sharpening kit, now is going to be the time to get the  best deal of the year (and the best color!!). Much like we are welcoming our new line of Grex products, we plan on welcoming our very own SprayGunner edition, SharpenAir needle repair kit with a BANG! 

We will be running a few other specials as well but these are the big ones to look out for! Stay tuned and pay attention- we are making a page on our website that will be dedicated to these MONSTER deals so you don't have to look around too much!

Nov 21st 2018

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