our visit to Blair Center for Arts

our visit to Blair Center for Arts

In this video we are at the Blair Center for Arts, with Dru Blair. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with Dru Blair, please take a moment to check him out. He is extremely talented; most will agree he is the world’s greatest photorealism airbrush artist. This center we are visiting, is where Dru Blair teaches fine art to both kids and adults. It is our second time here due to malfunctioning cameras we could not film the first time. We could not be more excited to revisit this inspiring studio and talk with Dru again.

Dru Blair started airbrushing when he was 21 as a T-shirt artist in Myrtle beach. Shortly thereafter, he moved onto more challenging forms of airbrush like illustration boards. Some of this work in this video have such a photorealistic feel. The paintings on Dru Blairs wall in the first studio were carefully painted with such craftsmanship and attention to detail. We are so excited to show it off. Just hearing him talk about how some of the paintings used to take him 70+ hours  is inspiring. We love the creativity of using a mixed media approach to his art where he mixes airbrushing and traditional painting. This innovation is what we love and why we continue to create products pushing the limits of airbrushing.

The classes Dru offers range in duration and style. There are over 18 different artists teaching classes. The variety of the classes include not just airbrush art but also painting and drawing among many other styles of art. These classes focus more on the process then the actual outcome of the product. However, using this strategy people will have a better result and improve their painting not just during the classes but over time. His techniques are taught to kids as young as 3 and a half years old. NO-NAME cordless airbrush make it easier for kids to be able to learn without having to have the hose hooked up to a large compressor. Kids are unlimited and have no fear whereas adults need actual lessons.

We are excited as a company to visit places like this where learning and painting is encouraged. Our very own classes at the main location in Florida will start back up in 2022 and we're looking forward to hosting Dru's class again. 

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May 22nd 2021 Daniel Ajazi

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