AutoBorne Sealer Black 6002 8oz

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  • AutoBorne Sealer Black 6002 8oz
  • AutoBorne Sealer Black 6002 8oz
  • AutoBorne Sealer Black 6002 8oz
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Auto-Air Colors 6002 AutoBorne Sealer Black 8oz

It is recommended to use AutoBorne Sealers as the foundation for any Createx Auto-Air Colors automotive or hard-surface paint job. Color-sync with color-coat for overall improved coverage and drying times. The benefits of using Auto-Borne Sealer is: 


   No adhesion primer is required. Amazing adhesion is achieved on any surface, including plastics, and any substrate. 


  • Excellent coverage is achieved with two medium coats.
  • It dries rapidly to a smooth, durable finish.
  • It is ideal for exterior applications and waterproofing after curing.
  • Sands well with 1000-grit sandpaper once dry.
  • Scuffing is not required before applying Createx Auto-Air Colors paints.


   Other things to remember is to reduce by 10 percent per volume with 4012 High Performance Reducer. Coat with a 1.3 – 1.4 tip-size spray gun operated ~ 20 – 23 psi. Let Sealer dry to a matte finish before re-coating. Lastly, apply a protective 4004 Transparent Base coat to avoid a reaction between accelerated clear and Sealer or clean Sealer thoroughly with degreaser before clear if used as a finish color.


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