Auto-Air Hi-Lite Orange 4421

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  • Auto-Air Hi-Lite Orange 4421
  • Auto-Air Hi-Lite Orange 4421
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Createx Auto-Air Colors Hi-Lite Orange 4421

 Accent pearl-flakes for subtle pearl effects in direct light.  Hi - Lites are best applied in sparing amounts as a light pearl-coat applied over a base or mid-coat.  Hi – Lites effects look similar to the pearlescent effect of fish scale (they’re perfect for custom fish lures). 

4424 Hi – Lite Interference Blue works excellent as a subtle accent pearl over a silver finish for an added “glow” in direct light creating incredible dimension and brilliance.  Many other effects are possible by color-keying Hi – Lite colors with various 4300 Series Pearlescent & Metallic Base Colors.

Hi–Lite accent pearls 4400 Series Colors are not intended to provide full coverage even though more product is used. Airbrush as a pearl coat so that the base color is still seen to add dimension to the finish. Coverage with Hot Rod Sparkle & Cosmic Sparkle Colors is very effective. A 4-ounce bottle is enough for a bike tank and fenders. 
 4030 Mix Additive: 4030 is a flow-enhancing balancing clear which enhances adhesion, orientation, leveling, and coating durability. 4030 creates an acrylic-urethane paint. 

Be sure to add 10 percent per volume or more. 

Start with a color-synced AutoBorne Sealer for the best orientation. Auto-Air Sparklescent, Hi-Lite and Metallic Colors settle well with an even orientation luster when applied over a color-synced base color versus a black or white base. By color–syncing with the base color, less product is required and unsightly build-up of coating prevents a blotchy finish. 

Using small amounts of shimmering product is key to achieve an even luster finish and reduce the amount of product needed. It is also important to allow Shimmering and Metallic Colors to dry thoroughly (should not be tacky) in between coats so that each coat pattern settles evenly. This step also prevents blotches from appearing in the underlying coat. 

Good coverage of Createx Auto Air Sparklescent, Hi-Lite  and Metallic Colors can be met particularly when applied over a color-synced base of AutoBorne Sealer. Two to three coats are required for complete coverage. A drop-coat will aid in orientation after full coverage has been met. Decrees spray pressure to 7 - 10 psi and apply one cross-pattern coat.

Let each coat dry sufficiently. When the powder's luster in the underlying coat is fully dry, the following liquid coating will not draw excess attention to the underlying "channeling" pattern in the finish. Applying a well-adjusted coat in a steady spray pattern that distributes in small droplets is crucial to getting a great finish. Using a color-synced AutoBorne Sealer makes this task easier when doing any large paint job, cars, bikes, and helmets.

*It is recommended to apply Auto-Air Sparklescent, Hi-Lite  and Metallic Colors with a bigger tipped airbrush or spray-gun. Get further application information from the Hard Surface Application Guide.

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