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Auto-Air Aluminum Base (Medium) 4102


Product Description

Aluminum-flake colors often used as base for 4600 Series Candy Colors.

Highly reflective 

Aluminum Bases may require a longer period to cure than what is required for most other Auto Air Colors due to coating used to prevent aluminum from gassing.

Mid-coat may be of a urethane inter-coat clear or Auto Air 4004 Transparent Base.


Start with a color-keyed AutoBorne Sealer for best orientation.  Auto Air Pearlescent & Metallic Colors lay down flat with an even pearlescent orientation when applied over a color-keyed base color as opposed to a white or black base.  By color – keying with the base color, less material is required which reduces the build-up of pearlescent that creates a mottled, splotchy finish.  Using minimal amounts of pearlescent is key to achieving an even pearlescent finish.  It is also important to allow for adequate drying time in between coats of Pearlescent & Metallic Colors so that each coat lays down in an even pattern.  If the underlying coat is still tacky, the next coat’s pearlescent will accumulate along the underlying coat’s pearlescent pattern and develop channels of pearl which will create a mottled appearance.  Color-keying the Pearlescent Colors with the underlying base color saves not only material, but allows for quicker drying times due to less material per coat and an even orientation in the finish.


Pearlescent Colors and Metallic Colors cover well, especially over a color-keyed base of AutoBorne Sealer. 


Product Videos

Auto-Air Colors 4102 Aluminum Base Medium 00:23

This instructional vid based on 4102 Aluminum Base Medium is supplied by Auto-Air Colors Australia as a part of the Auto-Air Colors training series . www.autoaircolors.com.au

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    This instructional vid based on 4102 Aluminum Base Medium is s...

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