Alligator Clamps 5 pcs set

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  • Alligator Clamps 5 pcs set
  • Alligator Clamps 5 pcs set
  • Long reach so you don't have to worry about getting paint on your hands or fingers anymore!
  • Alligator Clamps 5 pcs set
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Alligator Clamps holder assistant for airbrushing

With these clamps- painting scale models, small parts or custom fishing crankbaits will be a breeze. No more paint on your fingers, just clip on whatever you need to spray and go! Durable paint clips made to last and keep you clean. 

These alligator clamps are made from strong, yet flexible steel- this is great when you are trying to dry a larger model or even crankbait and need more than one clamp to hold it up. You can bend the clamps and work them into the grooves of whatever drying station you have set up.  

 5 clamps for 3 bucks? Now that's a deal! Grab some and try them out, we know you'll be impressed. 

*airbrush not included 

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