Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 02/13

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ASBS 02/13
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  • Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 02/13
  • Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 02/13
  • Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 02/13
  • Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 02/13
  • Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 02/13
  • Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 02/13
  • Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 02/13
  • Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 02/13
  • Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 02/13
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Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 02/13

Printed issue - physical product.


Fantasy meets Realism - Workshop with Marissa Oosterlee

Based on her Fantasy-meets-Realism workshops, Marissa Oosterlee provides us with tips and tricks on how best to proceed with the designing of a fantasy motif. For her picture ‘Escape from Eternity’, she tells us about her work methods and techniques in a step by step.


Thumbelina in the Bed of Roses - sweatshirt illustration

Clarissa Stoica leads us through the designing of an airbrush motif on a sweatshirt. In this step by step, you learn all of the tips and tricks for the processing of textiles. You’ll also learn how to work in small accessories such diamante stones into your motif.


The Pearl Princess - Portrait on an MDF plate

In his step by step, Jeroen van Neijhof provides us with a real look into his work on roughly 300 pearls that wonderfully build the beautiful face of a princess. The artist shows how precise stencils, an application of paint in many layers and fine paintbrush work allow a mystical portrait to come to life.


Exotic Red Eye - Photorealistic illustration on metal

The red eyed tree frog is at home in the rainforests of central America. With lots of love to detail, Walter Cano Cruz uses this step by step to show us how he his airbrush and sophisticated etching technique magically whip together a photorealistic portrait of the exotic being.


Winter Wonderland - Airbrush illustration with a Photoshop finish

Andrea Pischel shows how a breathtaking Alp panorama can be magically created to display the ice cold and beauty of the mountain range. How the work is then digitally given the last little touches is presented in conclusion in the short Photoshop step by step instructions.


Speedy Graphics - Airbrush graphics on a motorcycle helmet

It’s starting up soon again: The motorcycle season. In this quick step by step, Domenico Carcione shows how you can relatively quickly whip up a nice little graphic for your helmet. With that, nothing stands in the way of the first journey into the spring.


Bavarian Chopper - Interview with Michael Knepper

In the golden age of airbrush artwork, Michael Knepper illustrated a number of double-sided spreads in critically acclaimed magazines and periodicals. With his biker motifs, the artist has also established himself on the US American market. In this interview, you experience everything about his exciting career.


Custom Painting Basics - Expert tips from "Candyman"

Time and material savings serve as the key to custom painting. The Candyman is acting as a financial consultant in this magazine and, under the motto of "reduction", explains how customer wishes are most thriftily carried out.



The spring is pushing some fresh wind into airbrush studios, as well as a number of new products. Our recommendations are here!



Comedians for a good cause, an airbrush exhibition fair in Bönen, and fine spraying mist at Lake Constance at the fair in Dornbirn. Catch the latest news from the scene!


Readers’ Gallery

Our readers are just spray gun full of ideas. You can check out the results here!

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