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Affiliate program FAQ

What’s SprayGunner’s affiliate program and how can I benefit from it? 
We have a whole separate page explaining it and getting you started. Please check out here: 



I’ve registered, what’s next? 
Once your account was approved, you will be able to log in to
Choose "Affiliates (Publishers)" enter you login/pass.

There you will see your custom link as shown on the image below. This is a general (home page) link. We recommend using link generator on the right side to send people either to a particular product or category to narrow their search. 

How are my earnings calculated?

Using your custom link (as shown above) you can direct potential customers to our website or even a particular product. In most cases it’s better to use a product page because it increases the chance of a quick checkout within 48 hours. That’s important because when someone uses your custom link and checks out within 48 hours, you will get a % of their order sent to your affiliate account. We set different %’s to accounts based on few internal criteria we have. To check your current number, you can click “Info page” in your affiliate account and you’ll see a similar page: 

How can I use my affiliate link? 

SprayGunner customer service is known for technical expertise and honesty. Our job is to find the right product for the customer, not just to sell something. We’d appreciate if you keep the same approach while acting as our affiliate partner. Review a product you’ve purchased from us on your blog/website and tell everyone what you truly think about it, leaving a link to our website. Don’t come up with false characteristics of the product which will mislead people. If we notice intentional misguidance, your affiliate account will be blocked. Help us spread the word on good products! That’s what this program is designed for. We have an internal rule that any product with a high defect rate or low customer reviews will be out of our warehouse and never restocked. This way we’re making sure that only good and great products are supplied by

Important: Please look at the image above. This is from YouTube video and as you can see there are 2 different links: 1. Long link directly to the product page. It was shortened by default but still, when you click on it, it comes with ?aff=55 on the end, meaning that traffic from this link is trackable, while 2. Link when clicked is a simple link, and we can't track any traffic for it. Please pay attention to it and make sure your links are trackable.