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​New form Createx Colors in 2017:


<h2>New color in Wicked Colors series – W076 Detail Universal Fleshtone</h2>

2 new lines in Createx Illustration Colors series: Illustration Opaque Colors and Illustration Lifeline

AutoBorne black and white sealers now available in 2oz bottle.

<h2>New AutoBorne 6000 Transparent Base Sealer</h2> available in 4oz8oz and 16oz bottles.

Auto-Air Stencils now available for purchase from SprayGunner!

New paint set, includes wicked, illustration and candy2o colors, called Createx Colors 4959-A Cory St. Clair Signature Airbrush Set

New Metallic colors in Auto-Air series

4500 series Hi-Lite Interference and Sparklescent colors now available at SprayGunner!

​​The ARISM Viz by SPARMAX, a brand new and innovate compressor in airbrushing

The ARISM Viz, a brand new and innovate compressor in airbrushing We love a new product, so it is no surprise that we have got a little bit excited about the brand  new ARISM Viz, named from the word Vis, it is not only efficient and strong, but it is also designed to create beautiful visuals for those who use it. [...]

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Badger Airbrush. Made in the USA

Airbrushing is becoming very popular in the last few years. This is especially true when it comes to artists. The rapid advance of technology has allowed manufacturers to come up with more sophisticated and more affordable products.Today, there are many different brands that people choose when they need an airbrush. One of these options that [...]

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SharpenAir - new must-have tool

SharpenAir - Airbrush Needle SharpenerElegant in its simplicity, the Sharpenair airbrush needle sharpening device is a nonelectric, hand-held sharpener capable of restoring bent airbrush needles to near new quality. The sharpener’s precise design guarantees that you can repair damaged needles without compromising their factory angle. The entire process takes a mere 1 to 5 minutes. The company also provides online [...]

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​Types of Airbrushes. Few things you should know before buying your first airbrush:

Airbrushing is simply a painting technique that involves the use of an air-propelled unit (airbrush) to spray a mist of paint on a surface.Here are a few things you need to know to choose the right airbrush for your needs:Control typeAll airbrushes work with a single trigger, although the trigger operates differently in some cases. [...]

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Excel Hobby Blades in stock!

Purchase here.When it comes to finding a quality hobby knife, you have a lot of choices. You want a quality blade that will work for all of your tasks. With its double honed blade and high grade machined aluminum, an Excel knife is an excellent choice for a range of activities. Excel blades are quality [...]

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Createx Auto-Air Candy2o water-based candy paints now available at SprayGunner!

Createx Candy2o offers bold and brilliant colors for any custom refinishing or airbrushing dye job. Each vibrant color in the large selection is completely water-soluable and are developed exclusively for the graphic arts. The water-based candy paints will not lift, peel or bleed, even when applying multiple colors. The Auto-air Candy paints are compatible with [...]

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New products arrived to our store: AutoBorne Sealers by Createx Auto-Air Colors

AutoBorne Sealer 6000-series The Auto-Air AutoBorne Sealers line of ground coat products is ideal for starting any paint job intended for either large panels or automobiles. They may be applied directly to the majority of plastics and substrates, as well as wood, aluminum, and urethane, and they boast an impressive rate of adhesion. Furthermore, they [...]

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​ Easy 1-2-3's to Airbrush Cleaning

To maintain your airbrush in fully functional condition, there is nothing more important than cleaning that airbrush immediately after you are done using it. If you are a novice to art and the airbrush is a bit intimidating, just remember to follow the following tips on how to clean airbrush and you will find your machine in tip-top shape in [...]

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Five Things to Know When Choosing an Airbrush Compressor

The airbrush compressor is one of the essential items for airbrushing; unfortunately, it also happens to be one of the most expensive. When you're new to the hobby, it's difficult to understand what to look for in a compressor, leading many novices to buy an airbrush compressor that is a poor fit. Before you purchase a compressor for airbrush, [...]

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